Mama and papa planet !
Christmas is a one child family good empowerment message !
Every seat should be a healthy male and female seat !We all come from a mama and papa !
Be healthy about nakedness , child birth , population growth and love and romance !
Fight Aids , syphlyis , venerial and all sexual disease !
Clean sex ! Make sure your cracks and curves are clean.
A good new year to you ! 69 is a healthy lovers snuggling position !
Oral Love is not queer between a man and a woman nor unusual , odd or bad !
Some people swallow and some don't ! In both cases love is !
Same sex marriages is a step in the wrong direction. Over turn it.

Good oral hygene and common decency is prolife ! Not overpopulating our selve's is prolife ! 6 and 9 are pro life male and female ! Clean crack's and fighting aid's is pro life ! Once again mutual love in bed and common decency is pro life !


Same sex marriages is wrong ! Forgiveness loving goodness !