Communism and vatican religion messed up the economy and planet and society ! The vatican over populates dads and moms and is not correct about love and intimacy between males and females . They should not feel queer about oral loving ! That's why we have such a sad step in the wrong direction of same sex marriages ! Forgiveness loving goodness in each growing heart of people is the Jesus true message ! The messenger seats are all male and female seats of the planet ! Forgiveness loving goodness ! Christmas is a one child good empowerment message  !  May you have a good day above all the static !

  Believing in the fullness of goodness message the planet knows the vatican system messes up children brides and grooms families thinking process ! Christmas is a one child good empowerment message for the whole planet ! Goodness didn't mess up yesterday ! Forgiveness loving goodness is true religion God's perfecting grace for God's heterosexual planet , Love ! Forgiveness for our child birth  human race ! 4 vatican churches in Attleboro and a gay mayor from the church system ! One hundred million dollar budget and borrowed more money and took the music right out of the budget ! Caring for the dad , mom planet is all mayors and presidential and people's honor ! To care about the people is God's grace ! God's loving goodwill male and female !

    Nations can write off and balance the national and international debts ! The basic ma and pop and workers didn't create those debt's and we shouldn't be held bound to a horrible economic future ! Many people are at work to fix our future thanks to caring about dads , moms , sons and daughters planet ! Heart , mind and body quardination in the shower , bedroom and neighborhood ! Thank Martin Luther King Jr. of Jesus  ! Forgiving loving goodness  Growing in perfecting goodness let's make it 1 hundred times greater ! The economy bottom needs to be good for the top to stop crumbling ! Expanding the economy and keeping it healthy takes and makes the money flow !

     A couple of pointers ! Like a big tank of water the money system you and me dad , mom , son and daughter planet communities origins of sharing and getting the people out of the mud with thanksgiving hearts for our grand children's hearts to have good empowerment !  Let's grow in God's perfecting grace ! We can have a healthy society ! 

     I haven't got a commey flag in my garage ! I have a picture of Jesus in my kitchen ! Perfecting loving grace ! Growing in God's perfecting love ! Good soup kitchens and good neighborhood's ! It's supposed to be jingle in the pocket and good neighborhoods for the dads , moms , orphans and grandchildren ! We are all grandchildren ! Big machines are making almost everything that the stores have ! Sharing the money with the $50,000 and under is just for our grandchild gram parents communities ! The check system is already in place ! Because it should be !   

  Grow Healthy from nakedness dawn to dusk holding our childbirth mother , father , son , daughter God Planet ! Love is with us ! We don't need to kiss or hug to be loving neighbors !


   Promoting 50 woman pro-life mama spirited GHOST4CONGRESS.COM   senators and they don't need to have physical gene children just love for us to have good neighborhoods ! Sahrai Palin our hockey mom and our leaders know that we need good neighborhoods , good sports person  activity and stop the unnecessary roughness and unsports person behavior and a good money flow system for the $50,000 and under creator inventor planet ! Capitol investment money too is very healthy ! Free enteriprize is not a dirty word !

We could of all put on our hockey shirts when Sahra Palin ran the first time for president !Good thinking good neighborhoods !

     Christmas was a one child God good example family and two children families are nice , adoption is great and the message of having good neighborhoods is super for big families as we look at the 7.77 plus people planet ! Having 22 plus one children is not healthy for our neighborhoods !The vatican is a fancy lie system ! .

   Popei the sailor man probably did ! Both of them didn't like junky neighborhoods like decent citizens the love for the planet lives in our hearts like lot's of you and me people ! Lot's of stuff is in our food and medicine and herb is all natural and God gave us all seed bearing plants with beautiful flowers for our control ! I am a class A truck driver and don't use the stuff personally and know that raising the price to ten dollars a smoke has tremendously curbed junky neighborhoods and I wish it was $15 a smoke through strick control with five dollars going for retirement and ten dollars for the government to have good neighborhoods ! $5 dollars for our elders and $10 for the government !

India came together after a receint human tragedy as a human crowd full of humans that can have good heart , mind and body quardnation in the shower , bedroom and neighborhood  and have a good community spirit and a good marauiajna policy to have good retirement and government by controling seed bearing plant activity for peoples sakes with saving human reproductive behavior education is immediately importaint ! People can stop being messed up in reproductive powers ! Why let that tragedy of society remain to happen again ! Good God human leadership for the nations male and female ! Love shall remain ! God Bless our Indian planet ! We have many great seed bearing plants made not to junk up the neighborhood but use for good purposes ! Dads and moms and sons and daughters good thinking and good neighborhoods on Earth as it is in Heaven ! Heart , mind and body quardination in the shower , bedroom and neighborhood ! Our Rainforest , Ocean Planet  School system not 1 through 12 k school system ! .