New up dates inserted in the blog ! Last update ! 4/7/2024 
The whole economy needs to activate a good future for our dad , mom , son ,and daughter plant !

  Snow removal- Large quart's machine trucks to melt the snow or hot air or electric blowers ! Snow and ice for roofs same type of system's or better ! Tractor trailer snowblower truck's for our highways that blow the snow into tractor trailers and or their own trucks ! Let's roll America. 

Encouraging all people to fix the economy for the $50,000 and lower dad ,  mom , child birth planet !
Government can provide low cost oil to the tar companies for low cost tar for the communities ! We would save a bundle on government expenses !
   Our city halls should be capped at $50,000 salaries for our mama and papa planets workers communities to be free from the dead weight of the economy. The city hall is dead economic weight on the economy !
Save the vodka til after five pm. gentle men and ladies ! Free enteriprize is not a dirty word ! Capitol investment money ! We need to fix the 8000 year old messed up economy ! The 2013 fix the economy program ! The $1 , $1000 plus plan ! Get the people to fix the economy $1 , $5 , $10 , $20 , $50 , $100 , $500 , $1000 plus $ at a time !
  Every Friday can be our Health Awareness Food and Nutrition Day ! Turning everyday into a good healthy day !
  Work to get a hundred plus things done a day !
  7 children plus 1 ,  8 children plus 1 , 9 children plus 1 is not healthy for our mama , papa , childbirth planet future !
  Christmas is a one child good example for this whole planet !
 Thousands upon thousands of miles of oxygen producing plants of our Rainforest planet nation after nation have been cut down ! We need large produced Jumbo Oxygen producing plants for our Rain Forest Planet we stand on to restore our oxygen producing powers !
  We need to fix the Oceans ! They require our intelligent attention !
  Male , female goodness for our childbirth Rainforest , Ocean  planet ! Love in bed and love in the neighborhood ! True loving intimacy doesn't make a child every time ! Males and females should not feel queer about oral intamicy !
 Free Enterprize is not a dirty word ! If you look closely you will see Pro-life Ronald Reagan sitting in Moscow admiring the free enterprize refrigerators , 4 wheel drives , airo-planes , and light bulbs !
Good male , female childbirth city halls cities , towns and villages planet !
We hold our love and romance planet in the palm of our hands ! May our minds and hearts be healthy Male and female forgiving loving goodness in God's perfecting love !       Same sex marriages is a giant step in the wrong direction
We are all a childbirth creation ! Sahra Palin belongs in the white house with in Moscow Italy etc. ! Miscarrage of Justice ! All men and woman are created equal to have good neighborhoods for men woman and children ! Loving quardination in the shower , bedroom and neighborhood !
Same sex marrages is great sadness !  We are all a mom , dad , childbirth human race ! Forgiveness loving goodness !

  Ask not what our Rainforest , Ocean planet can do for you ! Do what you can for your Rainforest , Ocean planet !
 We the workers and the mama's and papa's did a great job building everything the mansions of glory have ! True glory is to want the mama's and papa's to have good cities , towns and villages ! Free Enterprize is not a dirty word !
Renamed the school systems from K 1-12 to Rainforest , Ocean , Dad , Mom , planet school system with love for the workers ! We made everything the mansions of glory have !
Jobe getting a fresh start being lovers of our loving God ! Common law and Justice of the peace marriages stabalize society from messed up religion and human problems !
People can get people to be healthy ! 1-774-300-7888  My Pesonal Phone # Help money in the hand helps !
The vatican judges people behind their backs and uses powers to mess up people ! They create homosexuals and lesbians and wreck families , communities and nations ! Honest to God !      HTTP://GHOST4CONGRESS.COM/
1 Great site 4 the whole planet ! We can make Our Republic 100 X's plus greater future ! All candidates & citizens can use this as their platform ! True caring & sharing will fix the economy ! Vision ! Everyone's brain food ! HTTP://GHOST4CONGRESS.COM/