This site will help you build good friends and future ! Use it well ! You are building and helping the future !  Book marking helps us help you !

     Thanksgiving for what we have ! Please promote this good neighborhood site ! You can make signs and promote this site with copy and paste and lot's of great Idea's ! Name our home for the homeless !

Please contact me with suggestions !

Good soup kitchens , good mountains , Great Neighborhoods ! Great Mayors ! Great Leaders ! Great future !

     It's about time we have 50 pro-life woman senators like Sahra Palin and if she has any problems we can go beyond that !  Good in bed and in the neighborhood happens to be the way the sainted planet is supposed to be yesterday beyond self rightiousness ! We spent 1/3 of our time in bed ! We should be pretty good in and out of bed ! God's perfecting love is at work for our grandchild planet !   Let's fix the messed up money system and good neighbors are the cure for the money system !

Love for the police , soldiers and workers !

Abortion , bad love and touch are bad ! Why have love and touch that leads to an abortion ! Good love and touch doesn't create a person every time love says hello to a lover ! We can spend our money on lot's of better idea's ! When in love we know that in bed lovers when they are upside down are still good neighbors in love ! Believe in the fullness of goodness ! Goodness , forgiveness , good behavior is the truth ! Looking at the bad vatican mountain we should all believe in good behavior message of Jesus holy Spirit , holy ghost forgiveness loving goodness in the shower , bedroom and neighborhood ! Free enteriprize is not a dirty word ! People free from corrupt religion and politics, male and female ! Read every sentence of this site ! Apples are made to be eaten with thanksgiving!

     New York says is a very big apple ! We thank God for our apples !

    Corrosion of our transportation expenditures could be curbed by galzanizing and chroming our world !

      Playing hockey sports ect... is a good soup kitchen city ! Mama's , papa's , brothers , sister love , God's love can curve the road to get west side story love for people to free us from stagnation or other difficulties ! Our naked problems with our clothes on can be overcome ! True ! Goodness , forgiveness ! May you have good communities ! God , goodness , be with us ! Good health be with you !